Why use the US virtual Back Office Support System?

Let me ask you a question…
Are you a BOSS who has complete transparency on the most important functions of your business?
No. It’s not just about making more money… It’s about keeping more of what you make

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Why do you need our service.

The Benefit of USvACCOUNTING
(On-line computer accounting system (QBO) $70 per month software value included in price)
  • Scalable bookkeeping
  • Tailored chart of accounts
  • Compare budgets to actual
  • Income and expenses updated
  • Monthly video conference review
  • Access 24/7 to see where you stand
  • Profit First analysis and maintenance
  • Internal financials, balance sheet-P&L
  • Accounts (bank, trust, credit card) fully reconciled
  • Unlimited bookkeeping calls and video conferences
  • No holiday, sick, vacation, profit sharing, health insurance
The Benefit of USvBILL
(On-line computer systems (Bill.com) - On-line computer systems C/C capture (DEXT and/or Divvy) - $295 per month software value included in price)
  • No service charges
  • No missed payments
  • Proper account posting
  • Take all discounts if promptly paid
  • Reconcile vendor accounts to statements
  • Contact vendors if necessary to reconcile
  • Unlimited bill payment calls and video conferences
  • Pay all bills timely by C/C, check, ACH or recurring
The Benefit of USvRoll
On-line computer payroll system (QBO/RUN/Gusto) - $175 per month software value included in price
  • Personnel paid timely
  • Payroll tax returns prepared and filed
  • Employer access to payroll reports on-line
  • Payroll taxes paid to federal, state and local
  • Garnishments remitted to the proper agencies
  • Prepared in accordance to your payroll schedule
  • Offer employees access to check stubs and W-2's
  • Retirement plan contributions submitted to servicer
  • Unlimited payroll related calls and video conferences

We provide peace of mind allowing you to sleep at night knowing your financial affairs are in order while not paying one dollar more in taxes than you have to.

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