On-line computer systems (Bill.com)
$195 per month software value included

  • No service charges
  • No missed payments
  • Proper account posting
  • Take all discounts if promptly paid
  • Reconcile vendor accounts to statements
  • Contact vendors if necessary to reconcile
  • Unlimited bill payment calls and video conferences
  • Pay all bills timely by C/C, check, ACH or recurring


Virtual accounting and bookkeeping services that allows our clients to focus on their business, not not on accumulating financial data. Accounting tracks nearly everything that’s going on in your business allowing you to understand how your company is doing and where it’s going. Accounting is the language of business, and it’s written with the numbers. It enables you to evaluate your current financial health, learn from historical results, project future outcomes, and at the end of the day make far better informed decisions


Our accounting services provide a meticulous and systematic recording of every financial transaction that takes place in your company. Whether cash exchanges hands, services are performed, or something you own just gets older. Almost everything that goes on in a business has some sort of associated accounting impact. While strong accounting is important for the more mature businesses, it is extremely important for younger and start up entities.


We carefully track every transaction as per the accounting the appropriate standards. And even provide tax accounting which crunches numbers differently to determine the best way to structure a transaction to incur the smallest tax bill. Or cost accounting which tries to best depict the true costs of a company’s goods or services. And importantly, we provide a scalable solution where you don't have to hire and train more people as as the business grows. We have it covered by providing a streamlined aooroach to your finances.

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